About SEED

SEED first sprouted in 2020.

Observing ‘virtual platform’ fatigue resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, writers Felicia Olusanya and Grace Wilentz identified a revived interest in receiving beautiful mail. This grew into a shared vision for a journal that would stand apart, a kind of paper ‘cabinet of curiosities’ in which a curated selection of prints, poetry, interviews, photographs, crafts and more will be found.

SEED aims to get writers, artists, craftspeople, and others collaborating around common themes, and responding to each other’s work.

The journal is now edited by Grace Wilentz and Róisín Power Hackett. A typical edition might contain curated poems produced on plantable seed paper, interview excerpts rendered in risograph, a card with a QR code leading you to a digital video of a dancer, or a swatch of fabric from a craft circle’s collaborative weaving.

To see information on past and current issues, or to purchase, visit our journal shop. If you would like to join in the creativity, please view information on our submissions process.


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