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Our Pay Policy & Treatment of Artists.

SEED Journal is currently funded by the Arts Council and commits to upholding its Paying the Artist policy.

  • We pay artists €80 for contributions to the journal. We aim to pay contributors as high as we can within budget parameters.
  • We pay performers between €250 – €500 for SEED events, and cover expenses where the work necessitates it.
  • We pay collective members a rate of €250 per day for their work on SEED.
  • In 2022, SEED Journal’s two editors are being paid €5,000, which breaks down to a €250 day rate.
  • SEED Journal’s rates increase periodically across the board in recognition of growing knowledge and expertise. Our rates for journal contributors also increase wherever possible to keep pace with a new learning about fair remuneration in the sector.
  • We are upfront about fees from the first email or phone call regarding an offer of work.
  • We respect every artist’s right to negotiate upwards on any fee offered.
  • We ensure that the initial communication reflects the full scope of what an artist is expected and required to deliver, including details of any video or audio recordings that will be made of the event.
  • We aim to anticipate VAT charged by artists and accommodate this where our budget allows.
  • We ensure all artists’ fees are ring fenced within our budget so that fees are protected if overruns occur in other areas of our operations.
  • We ensure that artists’ copyright is respected, both in terms of moral and economic rights.
  • We believe in the importance of transparency on matters of pay and working conditions, and that sharing this information publicly is to the benefit of all artists.

Much of the language in the above is borrowed from the Arts Council’s Paying the Artist policy document whose principles we align ourselves with.

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